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SOLOS Brand story


Jason and Isabella met in the spring of 2009 while traveling through the crowded and chaotic streets of Bangkok, Thailand. Amongst many of their most memorable experiences together, going for massages every week was always a highlight. Jungle photo-shoots and marketing campaigns paid for the time away from home and sparked a romance that eventually brought them to Vancouver. Married and hoping to share part of their experience with everyone, an idea was born. They noticed how stressed-out and busy everyone in the western world always seemed to be. People just didn't take enough time for themselves to relax and unwind. The cost of a spa treatment in North America is expensive, and most of us can't afford a personal masseuse. So they created SOLOS, a personal massager that can be positioned anywhere on your body to relieve tension and sore muscles, without needing a second set of hands. Unlimited relaxation from almost anywhere in the world. Enjoy the amazing feeling and therapeutic benefits of a SOLOS Massage. Close your eyes and picture yourself on a Thai island when you do.




Jason and Isabella