The Top 3 Self-Massage Products Out There

3 of the best self-massage products that will change your life


1. Number 1 has got to be the SOLOS Massager. Although it is the most expensive, there is good reason it belongs at the top of the list (and that's not just because we sell the best one on the market). Simply put - it is magical. It really does the best job as far as personal massager are concerned, but why? The main key factor is the ability to position it anywhere on your body and control the INTENSITY. By using the arm straps you are able to very easily target a specific pain point and go to town on it with as much pressure as you can tolerate. If you want a gentle relaxing massage, you simply let the massager do it's thing. The speed can be adjusted as well as the direction and optional heat. Just imagine living with a personal masseuse that knows EXACTLY how you like it.

2. Now that we got Number 1 out of the way the next best self massage product is a trigger point cane. These can be purchase for around $30 and they are spectacular. With each new trigger point you discover on your body, it feels like you are kicking 4 years of built up pressure out of a moving car. It hurts a little but once the trigger point releases, my god, you will feel brand new.

3. Tennis or massage ball. This one almost everyone has laying around the house. Find a tennis ball (or get fancy and buy a set of massage balls with different firmness). Place the ball on the floor or against a wall and start working it around on your back. It might feel a little awkward at first, but if you can get over the fact that you look like someone who forgot to take their meds that morning, don't worry, the result will make up for the crazy.

So there you have it! 3 of the best products to give yourself a soothing self massage.

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